Lessons from a co-dependent Staffie

When my brother Dan died my parents inherited his newest child, Bella the staffie dog. Bella is a little odd, co-dependent and often hyperactive. I’ve been home a few weeks now and Bella… Continue reading

The 1 insufferable blog about 7 ways to be insufferable on Facebook

I recently had the pleasure of reading a semi-viral blog posting about ‘how to be insufferable on Facebook’.  In it the author breaks down a series of exasperating Facebook behaviours such as telling… Continue reading

A guide to Australian politics and parties for non-Australians and also Australians too.

** I reblogged this witty insight into Australian politics. Aside from a few typos (Lead instead of led) I thought it was pretty special **

Regret: the last time I lied

The last time I lied it curled passed my lips like smoke first wavering then thick with conviction ‘What do you regret?’ the friend had enquired, to which ‘Nothing’ was my answer, at… Continue reading

You are not special

If you were like most kids in middle class Australia with functional parents and a modicum of intelligence you probably grew up being told, and believing, that you are special. YOU are destined… Continue reading

My mate Panic Attack

I used to suffer from panic attacks. Big, juicy end of the friggin world type panic attacks that had me pacing the room, flailing my arms and at times vomiting over my quivering… Continue reading

A cross word to madness

There’s something about filling in a crossword that satisfies: it confirms your knowledge of the world without you having to feel the complexities of it. Tackling crosswords dulls the senses – the noise,… Continue reading

Flight of the discord

About an hour ago I was standing at a bus stop holding a finger-crunching number of grocery bags when I heard a mad-man’s mumblings echo in the distance. I squinted to the main… Continue reading

Yes, Minister: a word on politics

This week’s WordPress writing challenge asks us to discuss the ‘state of the State’. Everything I have to say on government has already been said on Yes Minister, and it’s been said much… Continue reading

Future tense

We spend so much of our lives thinking back, or looking ahead, and even though a photo captures only one moment in time, with a bit of thought it can freeze the process… Continue reading