Words we don’t know how to spell

We all get a little constipated when it comes to pushing out the right way to spell a word sometimes. I’ve worked with journalists for a decade so I’ve had repeated exposure to those who can’t spell for shit – which coincidentally, is what they get paid for their efforts.

As an editor most of my spelling mishaps have been picked up by readers who don’t have anything better to do than delight in my misfortune. I once wrote holiday with an extra ‘L’ – perhaps in some desperate bid to extend mine – and I quickly addressed my error and wrote it over and over again until it was in my brain.

Everyone has those few words or at least one word they can never get right; like turd treads in your underwear you didn’t mean to do it and when you found out you did it you weren’t about to tell everyone. But now that text or writing is a large part of communication, the words you can’t spell are now out for all to see – by posting your faux pas on Facebook you are handing your delicates to your friends to wash. Now when your spelling is shit, it shows.

While one’s grammar needn’t be perfect, it seems only right that you figure out what those words are so you can wipe your linguistic arsehole a little cleaner. The one I’ve noticed most often is definitely. D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y. Got that? Not defin A-T-E-L-Y. UnfortunA-T-E-L-Y, people seem to often apply the way they remember to spell unfortunately to that which is not finite – and I’d like to see the end of this misfortune. So here is a visual reminder:
I’d also like to ‘draw’ your attention to the spelling of tomorrow:
That text you probably can’t read says: Pretend you are writing a letter to Julian Morrow from Chaser and Hamster Wheel fame. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/hamsterwheel/
Print this and tape it onto your desk; your friends will delight in the floral fresh scent when you next air out your dirty laundry on twitterface.