Five sure ways to lose belly fat* !!!

Have a spare tyre parked around your waist? Never fear! I’ve discovered five SURE ways to lose that belly fat once and for all!

*Now I have to clarify that I use the term ‘lose’ loosely – as in “Ah crap I’ve lost my keys!”  – something that is lost but not necessarily gone forever, just temporarily obscured from view. All but the first subscribe to this definition.

So let’s start simple

1. Eat less and exercise more…….


but seriously


 2. The second is so obvious you will feel silly for not thinking of it – fight fire with fire – spare tyre with spare tyre!


Can YOU see belly fat anywhere? I sure can’t !

3. Feel silly wearing a spare tyre to the beach? No problem! Pretend you don’t know how to swim and slap on some chic on trend floaties instead


 4. Need something less obvious? Combine it with a vocation – become a little person’s bodyguard!



Watch those hands – smurfette you dirty minx


5. I’ve saved the best for last: this is a sure fire way to lose that belly for at least twenty minutes EVERY DAY!

Sticky tape  your Keys to your Belly!


Bon Appetit!