Enabling road kill: today’s 180

I don’t usually write in the Daily Prompt or various writing challenges as I prefer to write on topics I’ve mulled over a while first. But today’s got my attention: it asked bloggers… Continue reading

Friday Flowchart

Ever wondered why you got so drunk, ate a kebab and posted strange videos to Facebook? Understand the inner workings of your (okay, at least my) brain’s decision making processes with the Friday… Continue reading

Portmanteau and my poor tanned toes: profile of a Yippy

One standard sweaty summer afternoon in Fremantle, Western Australia,  I found myself rubbing bodies in a crowd of even sweatier dreadlocked folk as I tried to squeeze in a glimpse of rock local… Continue reading

Five sure ways to lose belly fat* !!!

Have a spare tyre parked around your waist? Never fear! I’ve discovered five SURE ways to lose that belly fat once and for all! *Now I have to clarify that I use the… Continue reading

My five year plan

I’ve heard it said I need a five year plan. I’ve had a long, hard think about how I would like the next few years of my life to go and I think… Continue reading

The politics of January

I’ve been particularly unimaginative coming up with the topic for my first blog for 2013. Clearly I’ve gone for the first thing I saw – a calendar –  and it told me it was January.… Continue reading

Messiah not Mariah

If I have to listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album one more time.. well.. I just drew this picture to illustrate my sentiments…..

Geordie Whore: slut is not an aspiration

Porn. I’ve got to say something about it. Not that I have personally ever watched it…. It’s probably a sign I’m getting old but I am actually feeling a little worried for tweens and teens… Continue reading

Lessons from a tomboy teenager

I found myself with a decent cup of breasts by about 14, as well as some other pretty cool curvy bits the length of my torso and I honestly can’t remember a single… Continue reading