What’s on your mind?

Okay, I don’t actually have anything insightful to share today, and I’m currently living alone and can’t justify drinking cider for dinner without pretending I’m doing something creative, so instead I’ve decided to… Continue reading

Nursing a drink?

The balance of Facebook baby photos versus Facebook drunk photos has now shifted in the babies’ favour. “So what? ” you might think. Well I didn’t care either until I noticed I wasn’t… Continue reading

My hobo, my hero

There are many traits I don’t like in people. Some of them I have, which I suspect makes me dislike them with some vigour. But there are some traits I really do like:… Continue reading

The Man: lover of porn and pizza

In a few days time it will be one year since my 33-year-old brother died of heart failure. His name was Dan. Dan the man.  It is a sad reality of grief that… Continue reading

Bla Bla Black Sheep

“How was your day?” This is the daily mantra of couples, housemates, families and indeed anyone who doesn’t come home to a wall of pink and a sofa of cats. Sometimes it’s rhetorical… Continue reading

The dog surfing the cow down the Ganges

I read an interesting painting today.  Yes, I read it. It didn’t speak to me in a picture-says-a-thousand-words kind of way, it was just a rather unattractive painting of a middle-aged woman’s head… Continue reading

Words we don’t know how to spell

We all get a little constipated when it comes to pushing out the right way to spell a word sometimes. I’ve worked with journalists for a decade so I’ve had repeated exposure to… Continue reading

Headline insensitivity 101

How today’s paper handled the issue of domestic violence…

While dining solo…

Me to waitress: “Please, take it away. I am so incredibly full I think I’m going to have to do away with another two buttons.” Waitress: “oh, (looks down at my gut elegantly… Continue reading

anxiety girl

anxiety girl, a photo by NurseLyssie on Flickr.